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The ulcers are complications, and as a disease, it is called PUD (Peptic Ulcer Disease). In the current scenario, a large population around the world are suffering from the ulcers, which are ranging from 25-55 years the age. This is not so dangerous as such but can become most dreadful when untreated or unattended. PUD can become the causes for other diseases like malnutrition, stomach pain etc. there are a lot of factors that are responsible for causing an ulcer. Few of them are the prolonged use of pain medications, malnutrition, stress and free radicals. There are also medicinal plants that are used to treat ulcers and effectively cure them without causing significant side effects. Various research publications prove the antiulcer property of the herbs and plants. The ayurvedic tonic formulation was prepared using the herbs and sugar base. The formulation was investigated for the antiulcer activity in the Ethanol-induced ulcers method. The antiulcer activity was investigated using two doses and compared to the ayurvedic standard marketed formulation and the standard drug omeprazole.


Tonic formulation antiulcer Ethanol

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Ravichandran S, Bhavani J, Satheesh Kumar D, Chandrasekaran A R, Saraladevi V, & Irfana Asma S. (2020). An ayurvedic tonic formulation and investigations for its antiulcer activity. International Journal of Novel Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(3), 39-42.