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The aim of present study was to formulate and evaluate emulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) of poorly and herbal drug like () extract, which was extracted from Coriandrum seeds by using ( method extraction process). are isolated by using column chromatography and concentrated under reduced pressure by using rotary flash evaporator., an essential of Coriandrum with anti-epileptic activity.the oil phase like , Tween 80 and PEG-200 were selected as and respectively for the formulation of SNEDDS(9 formulation). all the formulation S9 shows maximum cumulative amount of drug release of about97.72%. The stored in temperature range of 400C/75% RH shown better stability up to 3 months. In activity shows that the recovery time period from convulsion of SNEDDS (200mg/kg) treated animal is as quick and almost same as reference compound ( 6mg/kg). concluded that SNEDDS is promising drug delivery systemto improve the solubility, dissolution rate and therapeutic efficacy of insoluble herbal drugs like .


Coriandrumsativum Self Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System Anticonvulsant activity Dissolution studies

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Vishal N Kushare, & Saravanan S. (2018). Invitro and invivo evaluation of anticonvulsant herbal drug loaded self nano emulsifying drug delivery system. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Life Sciences, 6(2), 38-44.