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Pyrexia is a most common symptom and sign of any inflammation and infectious response in the body. Inflammation causes the rise in inflammation and pain mediators int eh body which causes the elevation in the body temperature which is called as Fever or pyrexia. Herbs have been used in the many medical systems by considering the potential medical benefits and potential to treat many diseases. There had been a phase where in all the Indian medical systems used only herbal medicines before the advent of the synthetic drugs in late 1700’s. the herbs had been used as sources to treat many diseases including fevers. These herbs are being the sources of many lead molecules and potent chemical constituents. Inspite of the evolution of the synthetic drugs, the herbal medicines have been used as drugs of choice for CHF and more diseases. Poly herbal capsules were prepared using the extracts of Leucas Clarki  which was investigated for the antipyretic activity and powder of Piper longum fruits. Already the extract has a significant antipyretic activity which was further enhanced by the addition of piper into the capsules. Overall, the activity in terms of rectal temperature lowering was significant and also the duration of action was enhanced. There was a quicker onset of action the extract due to the addition of the piper fruit powder which was desirable.


Capsules-L-Pyrex Leucas Pyrexia

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Satheesh Kumar D, Ravichandran S, Bhavani J, Chandrasekaran A R, Saraladevi V, & Irfana Asma S. (2020). Preparation and screening of polyherbal capsules (capsule-l pyrex) for antipyretic activity. International Journal of Research in Phytochemistry and Pharmacology, 10(2), 25-28.