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The objective of the study is to develop and validate the knowledge, Attitude, Practice questionnaire of Hypothyroidism, carried out in The Oxford Medical College and Research Centre, , Bangalore. The questionnaire comprised of development and validation phases. The development phase encompasses a literature review, expert panel review and evaluation. The validation phase consisted of verifying the appropriateness of questionnaire by assessing the parameters such as clarity, simplicity, ambiguity, relevance based on provided by the expert panel members, lay personnel and patients. ’s alpha was calculated to measure consistency between responses to the individual questions and the questionnaire as a whole. The overall standardized alpha value for the questionnaire was 0.85 which acceptable score and indicates excellent homogeneity. The self-structured questionnaire consists of 27 , or don’t know questions, based on the patient’s knowledge, attitude and practice towards hypothyroidism. It emphasizes on knowledge about diseases, attitude of the patients towards medication taking habits. about the practice to improve the health related quality of life and the scoring is done based on .


Hypothyroidism validation questionnaire knowledge attitude practice

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Aishwarya M, Akshata V S, Alba Rachel John, Anjitha Venu M, & Parthasarathy G. (2020). Development and validation of knowledge, attitude, practice questionnaire for hypothyroidism. International Journal of Research in Phytochemistry and Pharmacology, 10(2), 38-44.