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Seizures are an important and most common disease that affects the human body and are also caused to other neurological manifestations. Most of the people affected in the world currently are middle-aged and are suffering from many brain diseases. 50million people are affected due to epilepsy and convulsions around the world. There are many drugs that helpful and potent against epilepsy. As discussed, they have side effects, and the only solution to avoid those effects is the investigation of herbal sources for their anti-epileptic activity. One of those potent herbs is Nardostachys jatamansi. It was investigated and proved for its anti-epileptic property. The current research was planned to compare the effects of different extracts on the anti-epileptic property. In the process, double distilled water, methanol, ethanol and acetone were used as an extraction medium, and the extracts were tested for its property. Out of all the extracts, aqueous and methanol extracts showed a better activity compared with other extracts and standard drug, Diazepam.


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Naveen B, Raja Sheker K, Anil Kumar A, & Abhilash G. (2018). Effect of anti-epileptic profile of jatamansi on the brain enzymes. International Journal of Research in Phytochemistry and Pharmacology, 8(2), 16-19.