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Fevers are considered as the most important parameters to evaluate and diagnose most of the disease conditions like inflammations, wounds and other infections. There are effective drugs that treat and control the fevers out of which NSAID's are most important ones. They cause notable side effects like gastric ulcers, gastric mucosal perforations etc. which make the use of those drugs limited. Herbs are used to treat various diseases, starting from the evolution of the human race. During this, herbs had been introduced to many types of tests and scientific investigations to prove the activities that herbs possess. The diseases that the herbs are used for are notable in the medical systems like Ayurveda and other systems. The need for the validation of the activities of the herbs and medicinal plants is utmost important these days. The extracts of the plant leaves of Desmodium gangeticum were extracted with ethanol and then investigated for the antipyretic activity in yeast induced pyretic method. The extract was tested in two doses 200 and 400mg/kg. This was found significant when compared to the standard drug.


Desmodium gangeticum Pyresis yeast method

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Raja Sheker K, Naveen B, Anil kumar A, & Abhilash G. (2018). Antipyretic activity of the root extracts of Desmodium Gangeticum. International Journal of Research in Phytochemistry and Pharmacology, 8(2), 20-23.