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Transdermal drug delivery has emerged as a transformative approach in disease treatment, harnessing the power of the skin to deliver medications. This comprehensive review explores the significance of transdermal delivery, the anatomy and physiology of the skin, different transdermal drug delivery systems, and its applications in various therapeutic areas. The advantages of transdermal drug delivery over conventional routes include improved patient compliance, controlled release, and localized drug targeting. It has demonstrated efficacy in pain management, hormone replacement therapy, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, dermatological conditions, and more. Recent advances in transdermal drug delivery, such as nanotechnology-based approaches and novel formulations, have expanded its potential and improved drug permeation. Regulatory and safety considerations ensure the development of safe and effective transdermal drug delivery systems. The future of transdermal drug delivery holds promise in personalized medicine, wearable devices, and an expanded drug repertoire. This review highlights the transformative potential of transdermal drug delivery in revolutionizing disease treatment and improving patient outcomes.


Transdermal drug delivery, Skin Drug permeation Therapeutic applications Nanotechnology Personalized medicine

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