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The active ingredient, called piperine, is present in black pepper. The ions are very small so they are easily consumed by the tissue and nervous system, causing the chemical release within the brain. Piperine has been shown to help ease gastrointestinal ailments, help with vomiting, and has the ability to help with inflammation of the body. This explains to us how simvastatin can help expedite piperine in the body. The new, clear, effective, quick, accurate ultraviolet spectrophotometric method has to be validated and developed for the study of simvastatin and piperine in bulk and poly-herbal formulations. Data from validation experiments was tested using methodological techniques. Since processing at a wavelength of 285nm, the standard solution appeared to have a far higher absorbance than at other wavelengths. Normal simvastatin and piperine have been measured in varying amounts, and they make spectrums of overlays. In Beer Law, the concentration (C) of a solvent is plotted against the absorbance (A) from a calibration curve, as a result. A linearity range of between 14and 39μg/mL was observed. The sample was tested by prorating the standard deviation and standard error of the approximate means with the sample size, demonstrating the accuracy and the precision of the methods used in the analysis. Based on the experimental findings, it can be easily inferred that for UV spectrometry estimation of simvastatin and piperine from pharmaceutical intravenous liquid formulation, the proposed method is very simple, fast, accurate, precise, economical and reproducible.


simvastatin Piperine estimation formulation

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Vijayamma G, Panneerselvam P, Siddeswari T, Nithya Kalyani K, Jeslin, & Suryasree Y. (2021). Simultaneous estimation of simvstatin and piperine in its formulation by UV spectrophotometric method. International Journal of Novel Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 1-4.