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Seizures and epilepsy are inter-related conditions that are often seen in the patients with neurological conditions. In general there are various types of epilepsies like the grand mal, petit mal and clonic tonic types. Typically epilepsies are caused due to the oxidative free radicals that are generated in the brain. There are numerous investigations and researches that are carried out in this field to prove that the oxidative stress and free radicals are the primary etiology for the brain damage and epilepsy. The epilepsy and seizures are often evaluated with the elevation or variations in the brain enzymes. Herbs are few of those drugs that contain rich antioxidants and chemicals. There had been numerous investigations that were performed to prove the activities. They also contain chemicals like Vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids, alkaloids etc. that posess the activity on brain. In this study, formulations were prepared using the extracts of Basella alba, Bacopa moneira. The effect of these formulations on the antioxidant levels in the brain are estimated and compared to the standard formulation Saraswathiaristam formulation. The formulations showed a better activity compared to the standard ayurvedic formulation. The prevention of tissue damage was estimated by determining the antioxidant enzyme levels.


Poly herbal formulations saraswathi aristam Bacopa Basella

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Deepa N, Madhivadhani K, Sanjai Prakash B, Vignesh R, & Bharath S. (2021). Effect of antioxidant activity of basella on convulsions mediated enzymes. International Journal of Novel Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(1), 5-9.