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A fiddler crab, sometimes known as a calling crab, may be any of approximately 100 species of semiterrestrial marine crabs which make up the genus Uca. Fiddler crabs are small, semi-terrestrial crabs; male fiddlers have one claw that is much larger than the other, while females have equal-sized claws. During the day the crabs are dark but at night they become pale. Fiddler crabs are a member of the Ocypode family. Fiddler crabs are omnivorous are highly social animals with a rich behavioral repertoire..Ten nucleotide and protein sequences from the genus Uca is retrieved from National Centre for Biotechnology Information in fasta format. The gene expression is analysed by using the bioinformatics tool Jcat. Highly expressed genes are selected on the basis of CAI value. Similarity Search was carried out for highly expressed sequence. Analysis of Primary and Secondary were done through using Protparam, Gor.etc. Homology modeling of target done using Swiss Model server, Modelled protein 3D structure was validated under rapper server.


Uca Gene Expression CAI Value Primary analysis Secondary analysis Homology Modeling

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