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The leiomodin 1 protein has a putative membrane-spanning region and 2 types of tandemly repeated blocks. The transcript is expressed in all tissues tested, with the highest levels in thyroid, eye muscle, skeletal muscle, and ovary. Increased expression of leiomodin 1 may be linked to Graves' disease and thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy. From these insilico research studies we understand the molecular 3 D structure and drug binding sites of the Leiomodin, receptor (LMOD1) and also design the potential drug candidates using Cheminformatics tools and databases. The major benefits of the designed de novo drug is to reduce the thyroid problems as well as decrease inflammatory and stress related problems The scope of the present project lies in the field of, Pharmaco-informatics and Cheminformatics.


Leiomodin Protein Thyroid Graves

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S, A., & M, B. (2013). Identification of potential ligand molecule and drug docking studies on autoimmune thyroid disease (Human) using chem informatics techniques . International Journal of Novel Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(4), 72-77. Retrieved from