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Among sales employees in the automobile sector, work stress is a major factor determining job satisfaction. A company's top line growth is driven by its sales force. There is a significant influence of organizational factors on employee job satisfaction in the automotive industry, which include pay and benefits, promotions, leadership, work groups, working conditions, and fairness. In spite of this, employee job satisfaction did not seem to be affected by individual factors such as age and gender. Job satisfaction in the automotive industry was better understood through this research. By increasing employee motivation for the job, managers can improve employee job satisfaction, which ultimately leads to higher productivity and better employee retention. An organization's outcome is heavily influenced by its support. According to the findings, enriching welfare measures, maintaining reasonable working hours, and creating an efficient working environment will contribute to reducing individual and organisational stress among sales employees, in turn contributing to organization efficiency.


Stress Performance Sales Employees Automotive Sales Targets

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Meenakshisundaram K S. (2023). Stress, Strategy, Satisfaction Among Sales Managers in Automobile Industry. International Journal of Pharmacometrics and Integrated Biosciences, 8(1), 1-4.