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A new simple, precise, accurate RP-HPLC method was developed and validated for the simultaneous estimation of Ceftazidime and Avibactum. Chromatographic separation was achieved isocratically on WatersC18 (4.6mm×150mm,5.0) column using a mobile phase, Acetonitrile: OPA Phosphate buffer pH adjusted to 6.0 in the ratio of 40:60%v/v. The flow rate was 1ml/min and effluent was detected at 232nm. The values of RSD were less than 2% indicating accuracy and precision method. Both drugs were subjected to stress conditions including acidic, basic, peroxide, themal and photolytic degradation. This method can be used to analyze commercial and solid dosage forms containing Ceftazidime and Avibactum with good recoveries for routine analysis. The results obtained on validation, parameters met the ICH and USP requirements. The method was found to have suitable applications in routine laboratory analysis with high degree of accuracy and precision.


Ceftazidime, Avibactum Validation RP-HPLC Degradation etc

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B, S., D, M., & A.V, B. (2017). A NEW RP-HPLC METHOD DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION FOR SIMULTANEOUS ESTIMATION OF CEFTAZIDIME AND AVIBACTUM IN BULK AND PHARMACEUTICAL DOSAGE FORM . International Journal of Pharmacometrics and Integrated Biosciences, 2(2), 56-63. Retrieved from