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Considering the importance of ayurvedic herbs, science behind their potential in treating diseases and advantages over synthetic medicines in limiting side effects, there is an urgent need to employ such sacred science to produce medicines that effectively cure diseases and to distribute them to the needy. Many herbs mentioned in ayurveda are used to treat dreadful hepatic diseases especially, cirrhosis which is caused by the liver damage due to toxins, chronic alcoholism, synthetic drugs etc. In the present study, poly herbal hepatoprotective formulation, LIVAFIT, had been prepared and standardized for determining its quality and safety. Methanol herbal extracts were formulated according to a formula with Phyllanthus neruri, Picorrhiza kurroa, Andrographis paniculata as active ingredients and various other herbs helpful for possible hepatic regeneration and preventing hepatotoxicity. Physico chemically, microscopically and chemically standardized extracts were used in the study. Following the results of acute toxicity studies and after confirming the safety of extracts, hepatoprotective activity of formulation was evaluated by CCL4 induced hepatotoxicity method in albino wistar rats. It exhibited a dose dependent significant (P<0.001) reduction in hepatotoxicity when compared with that of standard, Silymarin and a pre-marketed ayurvedic product.


Herbal Formulations Ayurvedic Treatment Andrographis Picorhiza Livafit

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Avinash Kumar Reddy G, & Jamal Basha S. (2020). Pharmacological screening of polyherbal hepatoprotective -‘Doctor’s LIVAFIT’. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Life Sciences, 8(1), 6-11.