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COX-2 is a type of Non-steroidal mitigating drug (NSAID) that legitimately targets COX-2, a protein liable for irritation and torment. Selectivity for COX-2 decreases the danger of peptic ulceration and is the fundamental component of celecoxib, rofecoxib and different individuals from this medication class. COX-2 selectivity doesn't appear to influence other antagonistic impacts of NSAIDs (most prominently an expanded danger of renal disappointment), and a few outcomes have excited the doubt that there may be an expansion in danger for cardiovascular failure, apoplexy and stroke by a relative increment in thromboxane. The target of this investigation is to screen drug-like compounds from Zinc database and to predict the potency and activity by using Virtual Screening and Molecular Docking Study. The scope of the study extends to predict the feasibility of the compounds for Drug development. Hence, this examination expresses the significance of little particle libraries and their utilization to upgrade drug revelation measure earlier amalgamation. This way to deal with screen original mixes as COX-2 inhibitors from ZINC information base relies upon different boundaries, for example, Lipinski's standard of 5, pharmacophoric bunches appended on the ligand, size of the dataset and compound libraries among others. Additional, exertion can be stretched out to consider the receptor-ligand associations tentatively, and assessment of their organic action would help in planning mixes dependent on simulated screening strategies.


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Ravi D, Chaitanya Kumar K, Mothilal K, & Mahender K. (2020). High throughput virtual screening of cyclooxygenase-2 by using database. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Life Sciences, 8(2), 97-100.