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Compared to pharmaceutical drugs, herbal medications have known to be more affordable and better for the treatment of many diseases but are less effective and not targeted. Therefore, the use of innovative drug delivery devices to distribute herbal drugs is very helpful in enhancing their release, potency and operation. Lycopene was introduced into the muco-adhesive microspheres. Using sodium alginate, carbopol 934, and sodium CMCC, mucoadhesive microspheres were prepared (carboxy methyl cellulose). The prepared microspheres had been evaluated for its physical and physicochemical parameters, invitro release. The prepared microspheres showed consistent physicochemical parameters, release sustained to 8hrs. Herbal drugs can preferably be delivered using novel drug delivery systems after proper chemical and biological standardization. 


NDDS microspheres lycopene physicochemical properties Introduction

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Jeslin D, Panneerselvam P, Vijayamma G, Suryasree Y, Siddeswari T, & Nithyakalyani K. (2021). Novel drug delivery system of Lycopene: Preparation and in-vitro investigation. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Life Sciences, 9(1), 1-5.