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Progress in deciding the opinion of head-teachers on the instructional and logistical characteristics needed for a fundamental cardiopulmonary resuscitation (b-CPR) program for adolescents in secondary school. The purpose of the thesis is to explore the level of educators' preparation to cope with life-threatening circumstances. This paper aims to determine the connection between the score of the instructor to the questions drawn up and their knowledge of BSL. And we have studied the participants' student conduct without any impact on their behaviour. Teachers from chosen primary schools are the partners. There will also be a record of population characteristics. There will be registered personal data and documents. Some of the information involves the compilation of gender, gender, degree of education and weight data using survey questions. A high degree of secrecy would be ensured through this study. In addition, all information from the participants will be collected voluntarily. The educators would be allowed to have an answer to all the questions. The primary aim of the research is to raise awareness of the importance of critical support for life in schools. At the beginning of each academic year, this study is proposed to create a compulsory training session for teachers, and the outcome is gathered using survey questions to produce using personal information and data such as sex, gender, level of education and weight details.


Cardiac arrest emergency school response CPR

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Sami M. Fawzy, Tarek M. Esmael, Hany Hosny, Abdulmajeed Al Amri, Khalid Al Malki, & Arulanantham Zechariah Jebakumar. (2021). The readiness of teachers in primary schools to deal with cardiac arrest situation. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Life Sciences, 9(1), 6-11.

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