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A worldwide health emergency was declared in January 2020 by the WHO Emergency Committee due to rising case notification rates at Chinese and international locations. COVID-19 patients typically go through three clinical stages: the acute or pneumonia stage, the viremia stage, and the recovery stage. The lymphocyte count in the early phase of the disease (1-14 days) is normal or slightly low, which could be the pathogenesis of COVID-19. When viremia occurs, however, significant lymphopenia occurs in the late phase (7-14 days after symptoms appear). Furthermore, during the early stage, B lymphocytes are reduced. Antibody detection in patients' serum is one of the COVID-19 diagnostic methods. The length of hospital stay was significantly lower for the control group than that of the intervention group (P-value = 0.003). In our study we concluded that the length of hospital stay was decreased in the IVIG group when compared with that of the NON IVIG group(p-value = 0.0001). We also performed unpaired t-test for CRP, D-Dimer, lymphocytes, duration of fever. The unpaired t-test is used to compare the mean percentage reduction of two independent groups. From our study the effectiveness of intravenous immunoglobulin therapy over non IVIG therapy in covid 19 patients has been observed. The recovery rate in patients who received ivig therapy was fast when compared to non-IVIG patients. There is much difference in CRP and lymphocyte levels in IVIG pts after two follow ups. The duration of fever and length of hospital stay decreased in patients receiving IVIG therapy which shows that the IVIG treatment was effective in covid-19 patients than non-IVIG treated patients.


Covid-19 Immunoglobulin Therapy Efficacy

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Sudeepthi Koppaka, Aluru Yasaswi Chowdary, Anisetti Sai Manikanta, Chinta Rekha Chandini, & Banavathu Ramya Sri. (2023). To Identify the Effectiveness of Immunoglobulin Therapy in Covid 19. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Life Sciences, 11(1), 26-31.