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The purpose of the current study was to examine the relationship of emotional intelligence on with Corporate Entrepreneurship Orientation in mashhad university of medical sciences employee’s. 179 employee by means of sample size formula and Stratified samplin was determined. Assay of emotional intelligence is done based on four components of Perceiving Emotions, Faciliating Emotions, Underestanding Emotions and Managing Emotions for evaluating employee's Corporate entrepreneurship Orientation as independent variable. Output spss software ndicated that spearman correlative correlative coefficient value between two variables of this study is equal to
0.316 and the related probability value to significance level is equal to 0.001 which is smaller than 0.05. So the statistical null hypothesis indicating that there is no significant relationship between EI and Corporate Entrepre- neurship Orientation variables, it is rejected, it means that there is a significant relationship.


Emotional Intelligence (EI); Entrepreneurship Corporate Entrepreneurship Orientation Emotional La- bor.

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Hojatizade, M., Hojatizade, M., Yaghoubi, N. M., & Hojatizade, M. (2017). Examining the Relationship of Emotional Intelligence with Corporate Entrepreneurship Orientation (Case Study: Mashhad University of Medical Sciences Employee’s). International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 7(1), 1-8. Retrieved from