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Introduction: Hospitals, as the most important organizations in charge for providing health services are required to scientific management and efficient governance at all levels. This study aims to identify factors influencing hos- pital governance in Iranian Social Security Organization. Methods: The present research is an applied study in which the review and quantitative methods have been used at different stages. Data collection instruments in- clude taking note, comparative table and researcher made questionnaire which its validity was accepted by ex- perts' views and its reliability was approved with 0.867 Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and structural equations were used to analyze data. Findings: A total of five factors were found to be effective in the hospital governance, including financing, decision-making process, stakeholders, accountability and mission. Which accountability and stakeholders factors with a load factor of 0.94 to 0.69 have maximum and minimum impact on the hospital governance. Conclusion: Formulating mission, vision and goals in strategic plan of hospital, granting the right of decision making at the area of personnel's affairs and finance management, modify- ing method of financing and budgeting, recognizing and analyzing internal and external stakeholders, using suita- ble accountability mechanisms can result in improvement of hospital governance.


Hospital Governance Social Security Hospitals.

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