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Woman has specific existence in the structure of any myth and sometimes she was praised as goddess that obedi- ence of her was necessary as far as it led to happening of important and influential events among nations and governments. The story of women city is narrated in Khosrow and Shirin and Eskandarnameh. The queen of this city is Nushabeh, a beautiful and wise woman. This story happens in Barda, the Nizami’s hometown. Nizami, the great poet of sixth AH century introduces Armenia in lyrical poems of Khosrow and Shirin that it is largely con- sistent with the definition of utopia. The similarity between these stories and mythological stories was Amazon women who governed their city and they never let men to enter their city. Surprisingly, their governance capital is consistent with what Nizami report. This article aims to investigate feminism and its types and the nature of wom- en’s utopia in Hakim Nezami’s poems.


Women Utopia Khosrow and Shirin Nizami’s Eskandar Nameh

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Moshfeghi, A., & Molahajiloo, M. A. (2017). Feminism And Its Types, Survey on the Women’s Utopia in the Nizami Ganjavi Poems. International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 7(1), 26-33. Retrieved from