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Fibroblast growth factor signalling pathway is involved in various processes such as angiogenesis, wound healing and embryogenesis, both in the vertebrate and invertebrate. It acts through repression or expression of some fundamental target genes. Pax2 transcription factor have significant expression in the organogenesis, especially in the midbrain-hindbrain boundary region, as well as optic stalk and otic system. In this study, in situ hybridisation and compound microscopy imaging are used to investigate influence of FGF signalling in the zebrafish midbrain- hindbrain development by examining Pax2 expression pattern. Results showed FGF signalling has significant role in controlling the brain regionalization, optic stalk, and otic vesicle development. Fundamentally, loss of midbrain- hindbrain boundary development was observed by inhibition of FGF signalling receptors.


Fibroblast Growth Factor Embryogenesis Pax2 Brain Optic Stalk Otic Vesicle

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M, M., & T, F. (2017). FGF Signalling Interferes with Early Steps of MHB Development in the Zebrafish Embryo. International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 7(1), 34-37. Retrieved from