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Target: The purpose of this study was to compare the psychological well-being and marital satisfaction in women without a college education university and academic 2015-2014 year was Koohdasht ,Method: using the causal- comparative study of the statistical community includes all women with a college education and without a uni- versity education was Koohdasht that picked via a cluster sampling. Research Tools : Questionnaire for Psychologi- cal well-being and marital satisfaction used. Data analysis using independent samples t test and Pearson correla- tion coefficient studied. Results: The results showed that psychological well-being in women with a college educa- tion more than women without a college education , but college and university education between the marital satisfaction of women no significant difference ,also between marital satisfaction and psychological well-being other results showed significant relationship (P≤ .05) . In general :it can be concluded that this positive effect of education on women's psychological well-being , will experience greater psychological well-being.


Psychological Well-Being Marital Consent Literate Illiterate Women

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Reisvand, K., & Arefi, M. (2017). Psychological Well- being Comparison and Matrimony Consent on Literate and Illiterate Women. International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 7(4), 113-119. Retrieved from