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Background: This study was an attempt to determine the effect of Arnica Montana 30C in homeopathic recovery on the psychosomatic energy field (PEF) and activation coefficient (AC) of male wrestlers. Methods: 10 Tehranian wrestlers, with an average age of 22.20 ± 1.87, weight of 87.30 ± 18.36 Kg were randomly selected. The Study was carried out on two different days in form of a pre-test and two post-tests. On the first day, after GDV photography and some warm-up, the participants participated in three wrestling competitions in the legal time (2 to 3 minutes and 30 seconds of rest) and an interval of 20 minutes between each competition, afterwards, they went through a general recovery including a 5-minute jogging, walking and stretching exercises after each competition. The partic- ipants also consumed some water and solutions containing 8% carbohydrates during the competitions as well as some fruits including apples, bananas and dates 3 hours after each competition. The photography was carried out 15 minutes and 3 hours after the last competition. 72 hours later, the previous plan was implemented in a home- opathic recovery with the difference that 15 minutes after every competition and every 30 minutes after the last competition (up to 3 hours), 3 Arnica 30C globules were also consumed by the participants. On both days, the PEF and AC was evaluated by the GDV technique. In order to study the changes in variables, a repeated ANOVA test with significant level of P<0.05 was used. Results: General recovery has no significant impact on the PEF (P=0.073) and AC (P=0.13) of the wrestlers. In homeopathic recovery with Arnica 30C there was a significant difference be- tween PEF of subjects (P=0.024) and their AC (P=0.048) from the pre-test to the first post-test. Conclusions: Con- sidering the increased PEF and establishment of a better balance in AC from the pre-test to the first post-test time, due to consumption of Arnica 30C, it seems that this remedy, along with other methods, can lead to promo- tion of rapid physiological - psychological recovery capability and improvement of the athletes’ performance in trainings and competitions with short intervals.


Homeopathy Arnica Recovery Psychosomatic Energy Field Activation Coefficient GDV Technique Wrestlers

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Kia, H., Peeri , M., & Tehrani, S. A. H. (2016). Effects of Arnica Montana 30C in Homeopathic Recovery on the Psychosomatic Energy Field and Activation Coefficient of Male Wrestlers . International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 6(2), 56-64. Retrieved from