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Regarding the importance of patient’s analgesia during and after orthopedic surgery, the present study is designed to evaluate the effects of preoperative Apotel (IV Acetaminophen) on pain and opioid usage in radial shaft frac- tures surgeries. 160 eligible patients were randomly assigned to either receive 1mg paracetamol in 200cc N/S or 200cc N/S, 20 minutes prior to surgery. Pain intensity in different times was assessed and recorded using VAS score. Consumption of opioid during surgery and 24 hours after, and Time to first analgesic request were record- ed. mean dose of opioid during surgery (fentanyl based on micro) in Apotel group (51/42-/+2/3) was significantly lower than placebo group (70/10-/+3/6). VAS scores of two groups showed no significant difference in recovery, 4, 12 and 24 hours after surgery. Time to first analgesic request in Apotel group was significantly longer (254/71- /+28/2 minutes) than placebo group (198/28/-+34/2 minutes). preoperative iv paracetamol did not significantly reduce post-operative pain scores after radial shaft fracture surgery, but considerably lowered the need for and use of supplementary opioids and the time to first request of analgesics.


Pain Postoperative Acetaminophen Analgesics Opioid Peri-Operative Opioid Consumption

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Talebi, H., Kamali, A., Moshiri, E., Yazdi, B., Alaee, A., & Hosseini, M. (2016). Efficacy of Preoperative Intravenous Acetaminophen on Opioid Usage and Pain in Radial Shaft Fracture Surgery . International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 6(3), 74-77. Retrieved from