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This study aims at identifying and prioritizing the factor that affect knowledge sharing. The research method use is descriptive-survey in terms of methodology, and applied in terms of target studies. The data collected though questionnaires were analyzed using a single sample test by spss. The statistic population of this study included all the employees of tehran ports and maritime organization, total 714 persons, and statistic sample 250 persons, total 714 persons. The kolmogorov-smirnov test was used to check data normality. The results of the study show that the factors necessary time, trust, attitude, reward, it, leadership and organizational structure have the great- est effect on knowledge sharing respectively.


Knowledge Management Knowledge Sharing Tehran Ports and Maritime Organization

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Mehrabi, J., Gholami, Z., & Gharakhani, D. (2016). valuation of Effective Factors on Knowledge Sharing Case Study: Tehran Ports and Maritime Organization . International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 6(3), 107-110. Retrieved from