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There are various processes in the crude drug processing which affects the quality of the drug in many ways. The quality of the crude drug is the determining factor that is responsible for the imports and exports of the drug to international markets. Drying is a significant step in those post-harvesting stages of the crude drug. This alone determines the microorganism contamination in the drug. Other post-harvesting methods that affect the final extract of the crude drug is the selection f solvent for extraction. The solvent selection is to be based on the parameters like the partition coefficient, the solubility of the chemical constituents. Aegle marmoles is well known for its antioxidant activity and other potential activities, and the exports of the drug were in more massive scale. To ensure the quality of the drug, the post-harvest technology of the drug was essential to determine the quality of the crude drugs. The leaves were dried in different methods and extracted with different solvents, and the investigations were done for the antioxidant activity. The results showed that the extract of the shade dried drug and the methanol solvent extracted drug showed a better phenol content and also better antioxidant activity.


Aegle marmoles extraction solvent phenols

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Madhava Reddy Ch, Ganesh Kumar Y, Pranitha D, & Phaneendra Pavan D. (2019). Variations in the Antioxidant Profile of Aegle marmoles with Drying and Solvent of Extraction. International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, 9(3), 22-25.