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The Benoistii Crossandra L. A widely distributed plant in India and Africa belongs to the Acanthaceae family. The forests of India have traditionally been used by several tribal people. This plant is home to many forests in India and is rich in Southern India. In this study, methanol and ethanol leaf extracts were tested for antiulcer activity following the folklore reports of antimicrobial activity. Methanolic and aqueous extracts were studied and proven to be equally effective in prevention and cure of ulcers for synthetic medicines. The CBME and CBEE inhibits were at 400 mg/kg higher than normal and the lower doses of 200 mg/kg still appeared to be the same operation as the standard one. The higher dose of the extracts was supposed to lead to greater activity. With the maximal dose of 2000mg/kg, the UD50 is raised, and the above limits contribute to an even greater dose than the one seen in the process. Given the side effects of prescription medications, it is strongly recommended to use natural medicines for the ulcer. Much phytochemical study has been carried out on the plant and the same number of feedings has so far been isolated. It demands that the latest medicine provision be implemented in order to include plant extracts to cure all diseases.


ulcer activity Crossandra benoistii L antioxidant extract herbal

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Suryasree Y, Nithyakalyani K, Vijayamma G, Siddeswari T, & Jeslin D. (2021). Investigations on the Ulcer protection ability of various extracts of Crossandra benoistii L. International Journal of Research in Phytochemistry and Pharmacology, 11(1), 1-4.