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The traditional source of medicinal plants is an important way for daily curative uses in the rural area throughout Kerala. A survey was carried out in the Munaru forest division, Idukki district, Kerala India. The present study identified traditionally using 31 species of medicinal plants distributed in 31 genera belonging to 24 families are used in Indian system of medicine and folklores of study area to treat various diseases. Moreover, among the plant studied habit wise analyzed they are 9 herbs, 5 shrubs 14 trees and 3 Climbing shrubs, are recorded. The status of plants are also analyzed and recorded as 23 are rare, 3 are endangered 2 Critically endangered, each one of Thread, Vulnerable and least concern in the study area. In this communication, the information collected from the study area were compared with the already existing literature of Indian medical flora and RED data book. The medicinal plants are arranged alphabetically followed by Botanical name, Family name, Voucher specimen number, Local name, English name and used in Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani of the Indian system of medicine are discussed. Due to increase of overexploitation, Urbanization, Deforestation and Health care need of herbals etc., there is considerable depletion of plant genetic resources wealth, many of them being in the process of extinction day by day. The conservation efforts are very much needed in the in-situ conservations and ex-situ conservations methods to the study areas.


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Venkatesan K, Mokhtar Alam, Rampradap Meena, & Zaheer Ahmed N. (2023). Conservation Status and Diversity of Medicinal Plants Used in Indian System of Medicine - A Survey Report from the Munaru Forest Division, Kerala, India. International Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Sciences, 13(1), 1-11.