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The objective of the present study was to develop and evaluate controlled release matrix tablets of Acyclovir employing Guar Gum polymer. Tablets were prepared by wet granulation methods and the granules were evaluated for angle of repose, bulk density and drug content. The prepared matrix tablets were evaluated using thickness, diameter, weight variation test, hardness, friability, drug content and in vitro release studies. Formulation was optimized on the basis of acceptable tablet properties and in-vitro drug release. The Dissolution study of various batches from F1- F6 shows that Acyclovir release from tablets containing Guar gum, at lower concentration % release was more. As concentration of polymer increases the release rate was retarded. The formulation F1 which contain only 30mg of Release retardant polymer releases its content in 8 hour, formulation F2 in 8-12 hour which having 40 mg of Guar gum. The formulation F3 which contain 50 mg of Guar gum retards the drug release up to 12 hour. Furthermore it was found that when we increase the concentration of Guar gum up to 80 mg the Drug release rate retarded.


Acyclovir Guar Gum Controlled release Matrix tablets

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K, N. R., MD , P., & M, C. E. (2012). FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF ACYCLOVIR CONTROLLED RELEASE TABLETS . International Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Sciences, 2(6), 80-84. Retrieved from