Incidence of dengue fever and risk of its transmission to the Afghan travelers to tropical regions: A discussion paper

  • Tafseera Hashemi Faculty of Biology, Kabul University, Afghanistan
Keywords: Dengue Fever, Afghanistan, Afghan Travelers, Communicable Disease, Public Health


This review article discusses the transmission or importation of dengue fever to Afghanistan by travelers from tropical countries. The dengue fever, transmit by aedes mosquito (Asian tiger) to humans. The Asian tiger is found in tropical parts of world especially in east parts of Asia like Malaysia, India and Pakistan. The disease spreads or transmit through a bite by mosquito and from infected person to mosquito and thus to others. Millions of Afghans are travelling around the globe each year, especially to Pakistan, India and Iran, where the dengue virus found. Living in tropical areas, climate changes, global warming and urbanizations leads to the transmission and migration of the disease from one person to another. The aim of this paper was to know the mood of transmission, existence of dengue fever in Afghanistan and its control measures. Therefore, travelers must be advised, prior to travelling to dengue prone areas. Mass media campaigns, awareness workshops and control measure must be adapted by the Ministry of Public Health about dengue fever.