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Liver, unlike any organ, is the largest solid organ in the body that helps for the metabolism of the drugs and food materials that contained toxins and other substances are metabolized and detoxified in the liver only. The enzymes are present in the liver are cytochrome P450, and other enzymes like SGOT and SGPT are used as evaluation parameters in the liver diseases. Apart from the food, many drugs cause liver damage by causing cellular damage to the liver. The liver enzymes permanently or temporarily imbalanced with the daily consumption of toxic drugs. If this damage is permanent, then the liver regeneration is not possible, and the body loses its capacity to metabolize the drugs and food. Herb and medicinal plants are used to treat liver disorders and help hepatic regeneration. They are found to be effective and safer compared to synthetic drugs. There are a lot of the chemical leads that were isolated from the herbs that are used to treat liver disorders. These leads were also patented for the formulations that are prepared from the extracts that were achieved from the herbs. In conclusion, the extracts of the plant Leptadenia reticulate and piper were incorporated into the herbal capsules. They were investigated for the activity in comparison to the standard drug and the extracts at the dose of 250mg/kg.


Herbal Capsules Hepatic Liver enzymes

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Chandrasekaran A R, Ravichandran S, Bhavani J, Satheesh Kumar D, Saraladevi V, & Irfana Asma S. (2020). Effect of Herbal Capsules on the Hepatic Enzymes in Comparison to its Crude Extract. International Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Sciences, 9(3), 22-25.