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Convulsions and seizures are the major neurological conditions that are the symptoms of brain diseases like brain stroke, aneurysm and other oxidative brain damage. This affects most of the people in the world as a symptom of other diseases and as a disorder on its own. Herbs are found to be the alternatives of the synthetic drugs that cause the side effects and are common in synthetic drugs as discussed above. So herbal extracts are safe and potent and do not contain or contain a very less amount of side effects. So, they can be used effectively in treating many conditions, including epilepsy. Most of the herbs show their potency by exhibiting the antioxidant activity. Since the oxidative free radicals that are generated in the brain are the cause of disturbance in the protective enzymes in the brain, the estimation of the protective enzymes in the brain during epilepsy. This work was carried out to prepare an effective polyherbal syrup to treat epilepsy effectively. The formulation was tested in 2 doses of 100 and 200mg, and they are also investigated for the activity to normal the enzymes that are in the brain, which help to fight the free radicals. From this, it can be advocated that the herbs in the syrup helped the formulation's antioxidant activity to attribute to the anti-epileptic activity in experimental animals.


Polyherbal syrup dismutase peroxidase epilepsy

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Purushothaman M, Madhusudhan M, Kathiravan P, Sravanthi CH, & Srikanth Choudary P. (2019). Preparation and Investigation of the Effect of Polyherbal Syrup Formulation on Brain Enzymes. International Journal of Novel Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(3), 43-46.

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